T1  Mario & Bob-omb
T2  Mario in Standard Kart
T3  Lightning Cloud
T4  Mega Mushroom
T5  Bob-omb
T6  Bullet Bill

T7  Pow Block
T8  Bowser
T9  Mario and Luigi
T10  Donkey Kong
T11  Toad
T12  Yoshi
73  Start Your Engines
74  Carve that Corner
75  Double Up!
76  A Fall-Behind Strategy
77  So Many Strategic        Decisions!
78  Avoid the Dreaded
       Spiny Shell!
79  Short Circuit Show-off
80  Time Trial Tactics


81  Wheelie Power!
82  Look Out Behind You!
83  It’s Drafty In Here!
84  Shell Avoidance
85  Speed Combos!
86  Tricks For Treats!
87  Recovery Boost!
88  Time For Shortcuts!
89  Become A Drift King!
90  Lakitu: The Unsung Hero



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